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"From darkness and obscurity,
from sleep and from the smoke of clouds — elements that since the time of the Odyssey represent the manifestation of the mystical and the incomprehensible — emerge the faces of the goddesses.

Everything exists through them, for them, in that single eternal moment of action."

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Selected Artworks


The Hammam

Mixed medium digital art, predisposed to a single copy print on canvas 142.2 x 192.9 cm

Salvi’s crafted dream, more in line with the 19th-century fanciful idea of the Middle East, is an implicit critique of the dehumanizing and sexualized gaze of men towards women: the exhausted and drowsy young women are the objects of the observer’s gaze, as well as that of fictitious painted characters.

Both gazes rest on the exposed bodies of the girls—like objects of desire—in their moment of greatest privacy and vulnerability, and it seems that these women are aware of it and almost resigned.


About Daniel Salvi

Daniel Salvi has shown a strong inclination for the communication of emotions through images since his adolescence, winning graphic design competitions in his high school and creating posters for its most important events, which will be displayed there for almost a decade.

Even before obtaining a Master’s Degree in Communication Design from the Polytechnic University of Milan, he participated in university lectures as a Guest Lecturer and Teaching Assistant.

In 2016, he opened his own eponymous advertising agency to work on international communication projects; since then he has signed dozens of graphic identities, including that of the important humanitarian association “Colors for Peace,” sponsored by the European Parliament, for which he has been the Brand Communication Officer since 2021.

In 2018, he became the assistant and direct student of Armando Milani, then President of Alliance Graphique Internationale Italy, and participated in the organization of the traveling exhibition “UBUNTU”— first displayed at the MUBA Museum in Milan—where his own works will appear alongside those of great international design masters such as Armando Milani himself, Milton Glaser, Massimo Vignelli, Mirko Illic.

From 2023, he also dedicates his creativity to the creation of artistic visualizations, focused on the exploration of human emotions and the unconscious.

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