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Mixed medium digital art




Single Copy


152.4 x 101.6 cm [Predisposed]

A huge eye appears in the room and directs its attention towards the exposed figure of a young woman in trance, who seems to both emerge and merge at the same time from the bed on which she is sitting.

The candle is out, outside it’s night: yet in the environment, a warm and unreal light is reflected that—like invisible hands—caresses the girl’s face and breast. In “Ecstasy,” recurring themes in Salvi’s artistic production for the first time take shape: those of Voyeurism and the forbidden. Seeing here
is not just a way of perceiving, but a mode of traversing and breaking commonly set limits, fulfilling one’s own desire and reaching ecstasy.

The eye, simultaneously the actor of the image and visual manifestation of the observer, is
both portal and origin of mutual sensations between who looks and who is looked at, arising from seeing and being seen, creating a sense of suspended and guilty intimacy.

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